Excellent Maids Cleaning Services can help make the job of moving house so much easier

Moving is stressful.

Packing up your entire life and shifting to a new home is no easy task.
There are so many things to organize, as well as all the regular stuff you have going on in your life.
You have to find a new home, pack your things, arrange transport or a moving company, change your address, call the utilities companies . . . maybe you even have to find a new school for the kids or a new job for yourself.
The last thing you want to be worrying about is cleaning your old home after you’ve moved your stuff out. Or worse, having to clean your new home before you can move in.
Luckily, Excellent Maids Cleaning Services are the experts when it comes to move in/move out cleaning and we can help you!
Let us take care of all your cleaning needs so you can focus on the other things you have to organize. You’ve got enough to do. Our team of expert cleaners will make sure the home you are leaving is spotless once you’ve gone.

Make your life easier and hire us to clean your house after you move

There is no doubt about it, moving makes a mess. Shifting furniture can leave scuff marks on walls and floors, dust seems to appear out of nowhere, and there are always dirty footprints left everywhere.
Or maybe you’re worried about getting your deposit back? Using our company to do your move out clean gives you the absolute best chance at getting your precious cash back. We are professionals. We know what we are doing because this is our business and we have the experience to ensure you’re almost guaranteed to pass inspection by even the most demanding landlord.
We can say this because when you hire us we will:

  • Sweep, mop or vacuum all floors
  • Wipe down all window sills and ledges
  • Get rid of all cobwebs
  • Wipe down and disinfect all toilets, tubs, showers, sinks etc.
  • Clean shower screens and mirrors
  • Clean and shine chrome bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • Clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces
  • Wipe all ceiling fan blades
  • Clean your refrigerator inside and out
  • Clean your range or stovetop, oven and microwave inside and out
  • Dust and clean your pantry and cabinetry inside and out
  • Wipe all shelves
  • Empty, wash and reline all trash cans/waste baskets
  • Wipe all light fixtures
  • Wipe all light switch plates
  • And more!

We can also help you clean up your new home once you’ve moved in

And it’s not only moving out that can leave a home in a mess. Moving in can make it look like even more of a warzone. Boxes everywhere, everything out of place. You’ve got so much work to do just unpacking. By the time you’re finished you’re exhausted and don’t have the energy to then start cleaning.
Let us take care of it. We’ll get your new home spotless while you recover from the stresses of moving. Don’t take on more than you have to. Make life easier for yourself and let our professional staff make your home clean and comfortable fast!

Excellent Maids Cleaning Services is your best choice when it comes to your cleaning needs because:

  • We are fully insured and bonded
  • All our friendly, professional staff have been thoroughly screened
  • Our in-house training ensures all work done by our staff meets our high standards – each and every time.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee


When you call, one of our friendly staff will be able to talk to you about the type of service you need. Try us and you’ll see why our customers love us.