We have Houston covered.

Maybe you’ve noticed that we’re not like most house cleaning companies in Houston. And you’d be right. Most house cleaning services are notorious for letting customers down. So we decided to start from scratch and focus on setting ourselves apart by recruiting friendly, hardworking people and using technology to connect them with customers in a seamless way. The result is an experience that’s more efficient, affordable, and reliable—and we have the sky-high customer ratings to prove it. Just give us a call at (713) 343-5307 or book online to schedule a house cleaning appointment in Houston

What our customers have to say


Why should I Choose Excellent Maids Houston to clean my place??
We paired fully trained and experienced cleaners, awesome customer service, and a super easy to use booking process. It’s the trifecta of cleaning.

Do the maids bring all the equipment and supplies necessary to clean my place?
Are teams bring all the necessary equipment and supplies needed to clean your home, but if you have your own supplies that you prefer we use we can certainly accommodate.

Do I need to be home when the Excellent Maids arrives ?
No. During the booking process just be sure to include details on how we can enter the home. We clean hundreds of homes in the Houston area for busy professionals who are not able to be home at the time of cleaning.

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