If your looking to invest in a Livonia MI Home cleaning service, you want to make sure you find a housekeeper that you trust and respect, and who trusts and respects you in turn. Once you’ve found that, congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot! You want to make sure to hold on to your lucky find through a respected Livonia MI house cleaning service by treating your housekeeper the way that you might want to be treated, but there is also some etiquette when it comes to tipping around the holidays, or if they had to clean up after a large party that you threw the night before. There are a few simple rules for maintaining a good relationship with some financial benefits that can help you hold on to your fantastic Livonia MI housekeeping.

The Spirit of Giving

Around the holidays is a great time to express to those who work for you how much you’ve appreciated all their help and how they’ve exceeded your expectations throughout the year (if they have, of course. Otherwise, why are they still around?) A small gift or tip is a great way to tell your housekeeper that you’ve truly appreciated all your hard work and all the extra time she put in. If you have a female housekeeper (and a majority of housekeepers are, let’s face it, women), why not help her feel feminine, glamorous, and fabulous with some travel-sized beauty items as a Christmas present? Try some luxurious shower gel, body lotion, perfume, and more to show how much you care. This way she’ll be able to feel like she’s spending a day at the spa when she goes back to her own home and family. If you’re not sure what to get for your housekeeper, but want to express your gratitude anyway, just try an extra bonus. A little bit extra can go a long way!

Definitely use a Livonia MI cleaning service if you’ve just had an extravagant get-together and the housekeeper will need to do a little extra the next day—or even come in on short notice—to help save your sanity. If this is the case, be sure to tip your housekeeper a small bonus to communicate your many thanks. She will appreciate this gesture, and it will make her even more happy to help you out after your next big blowout party!