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No Surprise Pricing

We offer “no-surprise” pricing for our customers, we have a flat rate per room, and offer flexible pricing depending upon the job that needs to be done. Our cleaning crews will come to your home to clean as often as you need them to. We send experienced and professional cleaners, who will use products that are safe not only for your home, but for your family and pets as well.

Getting the Work Done

Being a St. Clair Shores MI housecleaning service we give special offers to the public and also have a published list of tasks and prices on are site, making it easy for you to choose what suits your needs best. We send cleaning teams of at least two home cleaners who will work together seamlessly throughout your home to get the job done. In searching for a home cleaning company that will fit your needs and specifications. Our cleaning crews will clean your home with the highest quality products. We have done the research and can guarantee that the products we use will make your home shine without posing threats to health or safety.

Insured and Guaranteed

If your looking for Housekeeping St. Clair Shores MI pick a company that’s fully insured, and who offer a full guarantee for their services. Our home cleaners are thorough and efficient, as companies that offers an important service, we have made sure that, not only are our services covered, but that our customers are covered as well. We post our customer’s testimonies and reviews to further assure you that have picked the right St. Clair Shores MI cleaning service for your home and family.

In addition, if you would like to book cleaning services in St. Clair Shores we are easy to contact in various ways, by phone, by email, and sometimes even by texting. We offer unlimited access at any time of the day so that they are always available to answer any questions you may have.