How to Keep Your Bedroom Sparkling Clean

Your bedroom is a haven that you retreat to often for privacy, It’s all your own. Brian Wilson loved being in his room so much, the Beach Boys even wrote a song dedicated to it. You want to make sure your bedroom is as clean as possible, because nothing is better than coming home after a long day of work, tuckered out for the night, and climbing in to a warm, crisp, freshly-made bed with lovely-smelling linens and a soft pillow to lull you to Dream Land. How can you keep this haven spic and span?

First, take away any trash that might stink up your room. Many people also bring snacks and beverages to their beds, maybe to tuck into the sheets with a movie on the computer, so there might be crumbs or dirty dishes left to clean up. You’ll want to do this promptly, since you don’t want any bug bedfellows following you in there are night, do you?

Clothes can also accumulate rather quickly, especially if you have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning. This floral dress? No thanks! Toss it behind the chair. These black slacks? Not today! Draped over bureau. Be sure to put all dirty clothes in the hamper, and the rest you can fold neatly or hang up in the closet. It may even help to sort them in some kind of organized order, a system you can remember, so it’s easier to find clothes in the morning when you’re in a hurry. Your whole morning routine just got a lot more efficient!

Then make your bed with fresh linens. Replace your pillow covers, lay your quilt on top nicely, and tuck in the corners. You’ll be thanking yourself once it’s time to go to bed!

Have a Housekeeper Help

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