How to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

You may think the bathroom is the dirtiest area in the house, and that it harbors the most germs, but actually it’s your kitchen that needs the most maintenance when it comes to regular cleaning and bacteria-killing. Disinfecting the kitchen is very important. However, it’s also important to keep the area looking neat and tidy to the outside eye, with everything in its place. It’s easy to let dishes pile up in the sink or to accidentally leave old or expired food in the fridge for months on end, but the smell and the unsightly appearance will get to you eventually. Keeping your kitchen absolutely clean and sparkling is the key to a happy and healthy home, as well as a happy and healthy family!

Gather all your cleaners and supplies that you’ll need to scrub down surfaces and wipe away any leftover debris. If you prefer natural cleaners free of toxins that may harm your family, feel free to use those. Be sure to put everything clean away so you have a clear, open surface when you begin to clean the dishes. As you clean, let them dry before putting them away in dark cupboards, otherwise they might accumulate some mildew or mold, and you won’t want that. Scrub away any stains or spillover that may have dripped onto the stove tops during meal preparation, such as pasta sauces or any kind of gravy. In no time, your oven and stove will be looking bright, white, and brand new. If you used the microwave to help prepare your meal, have a look inside to see if anything burst onto the sides or leaked onto the bottom. If so, give it a scrub to get rid of any lasting stains. Depending on how tough the stains are, you may have to use steel wool to really get in there and get rid of the crust. Nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix!

Have a Housekeeper Lend an Elbow

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