Have you ever wondered to yourself how you could finally get your house clean? And not just tidy, but truly clean, with everything put into place where it belongs?This is where a company like excellentmaids can help! We know that trying to juggle the daily schedules of life can be nearly impossible. Busy families work hard, play hard, and prefer to spend their time together doing things that are fun. Family time is about enjoying each other’s company, spending special moments with one another, and putting family first. It is creating moments and projects that are fun to do together.

And most people do not consider cleaning house a fun family project.

We consider cleaning fun. We take a new approach to cleaning that has not been taken before – we make cleaning fun, and not just for us, but for you as well.

We know that busy families want to spend their time together, not at home cleaning the house. Our professionals understand that there may be times when we are in your home while your family is there. Our fun, engaging staff is ready and able to provide you with a clean, organized home, while ensuring that our presence in your home is met with fun and friendly faces. Many of our staff members have families of their own, and they want to provide you with a service that they would be proud of in their own home. We want you and your family to appreciate the time that was spent making your house, a clean house – that will make our team happy.

Sometimes it is the little touches that make things fun – towels folded creatively, a smiley face on a mirror, kids rooms with stuff animals waiting for hugs, as a Detroit MI housekeeping company this is our specialty, bringing smiles to each visit and interaction you may have with our team. Our goal is to make your home feel clean, and for you to feel that it was effortless. We want your family to fell pampered and special when we leave your home.

Give us a try, we pride ourselves on being happy, and being thorough. We will bring a smile to your face as we bring the feeling of clean back to your home.

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