Hardwood floors are making a comeback into the hearts of homeowners. More people want to have the classic home feel, and they can get that with hardwood floors. Putting in wood floors can be a pricey job, so taking good care of your hardwood is pretty high up on the priority list when it comes to Bloomfield Hills MI Home cleaning service.

This article will cover how to clean your wood flooring, what products to use and how to prevent scratches or damage to your floors in the future. So, first off, let’s take a look at everyday care of your hardwood floors. If you have your mop and bucket on standby, put them away, you will never need those when maintaining your hardwood floors. The list is pretty simple:

  • Dust mop – a dust mop looks similar to a broom, except instead of the head being bristly, it is soft and fluffy. And unlike a mop, you use a dust mop without water. If you’ve ever been to a child’s sports game in a gym, you may have seen someone using a dust mop to clean and collect the dirt and debris. Cleaning with these are nice because when you are finished, you can just throw the dust mop head into the washer.
  • Sweep – Sweeping hardwood floors is a great way to maintain them naturally.
  • Vacuum – Many vacuums these days have a hard-floor setting. Use this when vacuuming your hardwood floor. A beater bar can cause damage to wood flooring.

When searching for Bloomfield Hills MI House Cleaning Service, make sure you choose a cleaner that knows how to take care of hardwood floors. Knowing that the person that cleans your home will take care of your floors the way you do is half the battle of maintaining your floors.

There are also preventative measures you can take to keep your hardwood floors like new. When moving furniture, place foam tips on the bottom of chairs, tables and couches. When liquids fall on the floor, wipe them up immediately, moisture that is left on wood floors will leave them damaged, and possibly rotten. Keep your animal’s nails trimmed so that the floors stay scratch-free. And use rugs or runners in doorways to catch dirt and grime before it hits your floors.

It is recommended that when you employ a Bloomfield Hills MI Cleaning Service that they too know the best ways to keep hardwoods clean now and for the future.