Need a cleaning service? We are a Berkley MI cleaning service that excels at housekeeping and deep cleaning. Because each home is unique, we customize our process to meet and exceed your cleaning expectations. We offer professional cleaning solutions for your home, which makes your life easier, not to mention cleaner.

Think about all the extra time you’ll have with no housework to do!

We first work with you to determine what your expectations are for your home’s cleaning service. This helps us determine what cleaning schedule would work best for you, and allow us to customize the cleaning products we use to get your home spotless. We also work within your budget to give you the best possible service and experience.

Benefits of Working with Us

Did you know that regular cleanings can reduce the allergens in your house and create better quality indoor air? Choosing us for all your Berkley MI Home cleaning service needs gives you the peace-of-mind you need, knowing that your home is clean and safer for your family and guests.

Our attention to detail keeps your home looking perfect every time we visit, with no effort on your part. You can attend to your more important business while we take care of everything, just how you want it.

We use the right products to ensure a perfect clean every time. There is no second-guessing for you and no cutting corners for us. We clean your house exactly how you want it to be, to exceed your expectations. Our services as a Berkley MI Home cleaning service.

Why We Beat the Competition

Our company values your trust. Trust that we will do the job right, every time, even when you’re not home. Our company has thrived on the positive reviews and recommendations from our customers, and we know that nothing is more important than gaining and maintaining your trust in us. We want to be the company you recommend when friends and family start looking for a Berkley MI house cleaning service.

Essentially, we pay attention to all the little details that matter to you. If you prefer certain cleaning methods, or a particular product or scent, we will do our best to do it your way every time. It’s your home, and we want to make sure it is done to your standards and looks better than you expect.